Currently we are only supporting "Paytime - our Canadian Payroll System" and "Sr. Accountant - our International Business System".

May we suggest you read the Frequently Asked Questions below [FAQ] before contacting us.

We will help you via email for Installation or Operating Instructions if you have our Light or Standard Versions.

For help with our Deluxe Versions we will provide you with one hour of voice support in addition to our email support. For help with any Customization we will be more than happy to provide you with a fixed quote and/or a support contract.

Thank you,

Your Zarcom Team

"Happily severing you since 1969"

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

I have a 64bit operating system, how can I run my Application?

You will need to run the application using dbDOS by dBase tm, please contact us for more information.

How to we Contact you?

Please send us an email, in subject line  provide the name of the System and Version you have; then in the body, provide us with the company that you represent, the operating system you are using, and if you are using a network, which network and version. Add your name and contact information. eMail here.

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